fredag 26 augusti 2011

He is really one of a kind!

Never have I seen a celebrity who care so much for his fans... (even though I don't like the word "fans" and the phenomena, really).
He doesn't really have to share anything with his fans... but he does. And that only adds to the view I've got of him... that qualify him for a place here - at the site of angels.

Less than an hour ago a new message from Richard Armitage was published. A message to his fans (and the rest of us) - (I will soon tell on another page here why I don't like the concept of "fans").
And that message can be read below:

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  1. There is a lot of controversy about the word "fan" and it doesn't bother me at all. It's nice and short so it's handy for twitter and such. :) The negative connotations are there but if we embrace the word, we can make it a positive one.