Who am I

Hi there,
I've been online since I started my first blog in february 1997. (well, I've logged off a few times for sleep and a bit of work...)

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden a thursday in January and I'm a typical Capricorn.

Angel was my first nick online. After a bad thing caused by someone I met online I changed nick to the Angel of Crystal.
A bit later I found a site online where I placed my real first and last name and were to find out my "very brittish" name: Amelia Watson - which was said to stand for "You have no life, and you will end up a millionair"
I thought it sounded like me... so I've been AmeliaWatson since then.
I also call myself 'Livsturisten' at some blogs, and my videoblog. (I am a tourist in my own life)

This blog is one of many I've got. And here I place the angels I find in my life.
This blog also holds the name of my first blog - The site of Angel's.

or... in a few other words...

My first blog saw the light of day in february 1997, and that was a website that I'd built myself, using HTML.
That blog - which I named The site of Angel's - became famous, and that lead to a "job" (I wasn't paid) in a live TV-show, as a sidekick to Täppas Fogelberg, and as the very first in Sweden to be in contact with the viewers online live on TV.
I've had a large number of blogs since then... and this is yet another one.
I hope you will enjoy this journey...
Buckle up!
And, off we go...