lördag 2 juli 2011

King Richard Armitage

"Petition for “Richard III”
For several years, Richard Armitage, the famous British actor and star of “North and South,” “Robin Hood,” “Spooks,” “Strike Back,” and the upcoming “The Hobbit” films has been seeking financing to make a film or television series exploring a more historically accurate portrayal of King Richard III of England.

Please support Richard Armitage’s effort by signing this petition and encouraging potential financiers and production investors to support the “Richard III” project.

Thank you for your help and support!"
(the text borrowed from http://kingrichardarmitage.rgcwp.com/petition-for-richard-iii/)

I signed the petition earlier today - the moment I found it thru CDoart.
I truly hope and wish for this longheld dream of Richard's to come true! And if there's anything I can do to help his dreams to come true I'll do it !!!
If I had the financial ability I'd be happy to personally invest in this - since I really believe in him and in his Richard III.

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