tisdag 26 april 2011

Good Looking

What definds "Good looking"?
At some rare moments I can see a video or photo of myself and think "Well, I'm not exactly ugly.... all the time..." But to look at myself and say "I'm good looking!" happens once or twice every decade, or something.

The same goes for (other) celebrities really.
Everybody looks bad on photo sometimes.
And everybody look "average" most of the time.

The beauti definds by the eyes of the observer.
And by the heart of the same.
Someone "good looking" in "my book" could be considered "ugly" in yours.
(noone is really ugly though... We're all beautiful miracles)

But here are some pics of what my eyes and my heart find good looking...:

Richard Armitage
Guy of Gisborne (Robin Hood)
Guy of gisborne (Robin Hood)
Guy of gisborne (Robin Hood) / Lucas North (Spooks)
Guy of Gisborne (Robin Hood)
Richard Armitage
Helena Bergström

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